Welcome to The Pure Yoga, and our community in Southport , Gold Coast

Our Saturday Morning Breakfast

Ever Saturday morning our students go for a fun breakfast around around the Yoga School, after the first class. It is a good way to make new friends.

YouTube Channel - yoga online

Since the world changing to different restrictions, our business expanded our services, offering yoga classes via YouTube Channel. Have a look, subscribe for free and enjoy Yoga .

Yin Yoga Classes

We offer weekly. Yin Yoga. classes, with different bases in yoga traditions, Chinese Medicine Traditions and Mindfulness.

Our Yoga Room with natural lights and nature

Welcome to this beautiful yoga room with natural lights and private indoor garden - waterfall.

Our Shopping Area

We offer different products from all around the world which each. business has a concept of eco friendly products.

Meet our students

This class was a seasonal celebration of 108 Sun. Salutations to say thank you for our yoga practice.

Amar Products

Candles, soaps

Sun. Salutations. Practices

108 repetitions

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