Head Massage



Craniosacral Therapy is a light-touch hands-on treatment that enhances the body's healing abilities and can releases trauma from the Central Nervous System. 
​Craniosacral Therapy enhances the function of the nervous system, automatically improves circulation, release pain, decrease swelling and relax muscles. 
Craniosacral Therapy also enhance Cerebrospinal fluid which gives nutrients to the brain and spinal cord. 
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) acts as a cushion that protects the brain from shocks and supports the venous sinuses. It also plays an important role in the homeostasis and metabolism of the central nervous system. 
When the body functions better, food metabolism improves, the defensive immune system is better able to prevent infections and fight disease. 
When the body works better, hormones and blood chemistry are in balance and children with disabilities are better able to make positive growth changes.


The client remain lie down in supine position (back) fully clothed (comfortable clothes is important) 
The therapist will provide light touches along the specific parts of the body (spine, skull, face) to do the treatment. 

AFTER, the treatment the client needs to be aware of the relaxing feeling and observe how long last. Normally the body needs a few treatments with gaps of 7 days to be able to fully re align again and recover the normal functionalities. This will be explain by the therapist after the first treatment, how many more you will need. 
Each case is different, some client need only one or Two, others needs regular on going treatment. 

Craniosacral works very well with clients are in tune with them selves or are open to it. 


Pre Bookings are required, only one client per appointment, mask is required upon entry the business and during the treatment.

Checking on the QLD app - covid19 at the front door. Keep your self save and the therapist safe as well. 

If you can not find a time available to book your massage, please call 0401173072 or tx your suggestion of times. 

Health Rebates are available only Remedial Massage, except HCF. 

This appointment time is related to: 
Payments: Card +2.2% fee 
Cash - no extra fee - ($150)

Be safe and we are here to help you!