How to Cultivate Peace at Your Desk

Are you a modern person with a busy day behind the desk?

Since 2020 the all world became very busy in different way. More than ever we need to take care of our stage of peace at home - work - family - life. Before we were busy at work, and managing to disconnect after working hours. Now with all restrictions and difficulties to stay out of the house we need to learn a new way to disconnect staying at home.

ADAPT to new working schedule and system.

Well … You are not alone.

There are easy ways to put that balance into practice at work.

Today I will share with you five ideas to better behind the desk.

1. Breathe

Have a break ever hour to BREATHE. Set an alarm to remind you to stop and take a deep breath.

  • Inhale deeply and fully into the belly, feeling it expand and fill like a balloon.

  • Exhale completely, perhaps even with an audible sigh of relief.

  • Repeat three times

  • Enjoy the oxygenation in your brain reseting your concentration and quality of work.

  • Use this minute to stretch the chest, length the spine or move the head around.

2. Allow the natural light in

  • If is possible give prefence to natural light and fresh air

  • Open the windows, or the curtines

  • The natural light is a font of vitamin D which is very important for our immunity system, humour, happiness and be present.

  • Think about to walk outdoors in longer breaks to receive the natural light, if you can not adapt the new position of your desk at the moment.

3. Improve concentration with aromatherapy

Our mood, can be very much influenced by the smells around us.

  • Clean, fresh smell of peppermint can help to activate the concentration, lavender can bring the sense of relax and calmness

  • You can use any good quality of pure essential oils.

4. Nature around you:

  • Bring plants next to you and your working place

  • A little of green around you will be very relaxing and inspiring to be more productive.

  • If you can look outside and relax your eyes just observing the horizon for a few minutes

  • There are my plants can resist the indoor environment and low maintenance

5. Self Discipline Daily

How about self discipline daily with small goals to keep up with our goals?!

1. Make it a habit: try to spend a little time each day organising at least one part of your life

2. Take action: take a deep breath and then do one thing you've been putting off

3. Make your bed: Yes, the simple attitude to make your bed can start your day on the right foot

4. Find a place for everything: designate spots for the most import items around you, start with your desk, for example

5. Get your finances in order : use app or note book, budget everything daily or weekly so you get control of your books

6. Declutter - online : take time to remove outdated contacts, photos, refresh your files.

7. Declutter - environment : clean the desk, the office, do 5 things in each room that you don't use

8. Avoid distraction: keep focus, mobile in silence, to not distract you and you become more productive

9. Health breaks and diet: remember to stop and relax, our body need to move more often. Don't wait 4 hours or longer to get up. Try t stand up more often or gentle stretches around the desk to improve circulation

10. Have Fun: important to be kind to your self and go slow, don't tear your house apart, just enjoy a little bit of discipline and organisation in you life.

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